Like to Live on a Costa Rica Mountain property?

Would you like to know what it's like? Before you actually buy one?

Well, Costa Rica mountain property is our home turf!

As two long term residents, we'll tell you our experience of living in the mountains of Costa Rica.

Thousands of folks have visited Costa Rica over the last 10 years or so, and have deeply enjoyed their experience. Many have played with the thought of living here. Living here, however, is a very different experience to visiting.

If you click on the “About Us” link you’ll see we’ve lived in Costa Rica for some 12 years, most of it in another mountain location to do with yoga retreats and yoga vacations. So we’ve had the experience of working in Costa Rica as well as living here, in two entirely different mountain locations, at two different elevations, for quite a long time.

We’ll provide you with some insights into that experience, from our own point of view, of course! After scrolling through some of our pages you’ll definitely have a better idea of what it’s like to live on a Costa Rica mountain property.

We believe small communities are the path of the future. We believe that community is a natural and essential way of living a full and meaningful life. A small community allows for real connections between people.

We believe contact with nature and natural cycles is essential for balanced growth and healthy mind.

We ourselves want to live an interesting, healthy and vital aging experience, and we are looking for others of a like mind.

Above all, we personally consider the practice of meditation to be a core value in a healthy life.

If you're the kind of person who enjoys living in nature in perfect year round temperature, in your own oasis of peace, then contact us, we have the place for you!

Vidya and Rob

A Small Residential Community in Costa Rica
Offering lots in small development and community in Costa Rica
Sangha Leela Impressions
A slideshow of our estate Sangha Lila in the mountains of Costa Rica and nearby beaches. It's a beautiful project creating a community of like-minded people whose interest is in conscious living, medi
details and prices of our lots
details and pricing information
Financial Advantages of Investing in Sangha Leela
Financial advantages of investing with us.
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pricing information for lots
more of our house designs
more house designs for our lots
location of our development
location and map of our community
photos of the property
Houses and Surrounds
Our reasons for buying Costa Rica property
of all the Costa Rican property for sale, why did we buy this one?
Who are we?
brief notes of our journey
Costa Rica Mountain Lifestyle
What's it like to live in the mountains of Costa Rica?
Mountain Permaculture
a permaculture system for the costa rican mountains
Building in Costa Rica Mountains
about building in the Costa Rican Mountains
House Building in Costa Rica mountains
House Building in our community in Costa Rica mountains
Costa Rica Way of Wellness
Health, wellness and longevity in the traditional Costa Rican campesino country lifestyle
Stress, Diet and Lifestyle
stress and lifestlye effects on body chemistry
Trauma and Health
solution to trauma based health problems
Neurofeedback Costa Rica
the only brain-training provider in all of Central America using the advanced NeurOptimal™ neurofeedback
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