Our Mountain Property

The idea is to create a small and safe community of people who have an interest in healthy aging and conscious living.

We are very excited about the prospect of living in such a community ourselves and we very much hope that we can inspire others.

Some background....

We are now after 14 years still totally in love with Costa Rica. We love the people here, their gentleness, hospitality, helpfulness and kindness.

The physical beauty of Costa Rica cannot be compared with anything we have seen. The nature here is so luscious, abundant, the green forest and mountains, the waterfalls, so many mountain streams, it doesn't stop to be spectacular at every curve one takes traveling through the country. It's very dramatic and soft at the same time. And every region has different qualities.

When we decided to continue living in Costa Rica we started looking for a property to buy. At first we spent a few weeks looking at beach - or near beach properties - and very soon realized that for many reasons which we have mentioned already we needed to look in the mountains...

We searched for some 7 months in the entire Central Valley, especially in Atenas, Heredia, Grecia, Naranjo, San Ramon, Poas, Alajuela, Pavas de Carizal etc....and we saw many beautiful properties, however nothing that made our hearts beat faster.

Then we crossed the Valley and started searching on the Pacific side of the Central Valley, Poas and Barva, and discovered a very charming and picturesque area which was practically unknown to us: Puriscal.

And then we found it!

It is quite spectacular!

It has two distant ocean views of the Pacific, dramatic close up valley and mountain views at 1,000m (= 3,000 feet) in elevation, so it's just under the clouds when they start floating in.

And it's on the road to the beach, just over an hour and a half drive. Here's our favourite beach in the area, Playa Esterillos...

The particular advantage of this mountain location is that it's in a very peaceful and gorgeous country area, but only 45 minutes from all the major facilities like cinemas, discount shopping malls, banks, hospitals, etc. of San José and the Central Valley, 55 minutes to the international airport, on a very good road.

Just what we were looking for.

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