Costa Rican properties ... even better in the mountains!

No matter what the season: winter, summer, rainy, dry or in between, it’s better in the mountains!

It’s nice and warm/comfortable/cool/mild and breezy! Not hot, humid, sticky or cold.

Those pesky bugs you might find at the beach can’t make it up our rugged hills. We don’t even bother to close our screen doors in the mountains! We might not even bother to have screen doors.

Hurricanes don’t like to climb our steep slopes either!

The views are spectacular in every direction!

Nature is one step away from the front door. Lush greenery. Beautiful birds. Exotic flowers.

Our nights are really deep and dark, blazing with brilliant stars and constellations you may never have seen.

And if you really need or want an ocean fix, it’s only about an hour-and-a-half’s drive away! Or just lean back and view it in comfort from that mild and breezy deck.


January 2019

Our beautiful house is now for sale - we're not moving away, we'll just be moving to another lot on the property to build our dream house. 

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A Small Residential Community in Costa Rica
Offering lots in small development and community in Costa Rica
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Neurofeedback Costa Rica
the only brain-training provider in all of Central America using the advanced NeurOptimal™ neurofeedback
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