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Each lot is owned by a different company, and the idea is that one simply buys the shares of the company. This has various and excellent advantages, the main ones being that one does not have to be a resident of Costa Rica to have freehold possession of the title, can easily resell by a simple transfer of the shares, and can apply for bank accounts and utilities, all in the company name.

The reserve area rises from a creek bed through untouched rainforest in a deep valley to flowering trees, hundreds of which have been planted already, and then transitions to fruiting trees in the orchard area.

This entire area has been placed in the ownership of a company, and each of the buyers will hold one share in the company, so everyone will effectively and legally own about an acre in addition to their own lot.

This way of doing things creates bonds between people and allows for an interaction and support with each other on a very practical level.


There is an access road to all the lots from the private access road. The only access to the property will be through a gate at the main road, so it will be a safe ‘gated’ community

All the lots are connected with a beautiful walking path through the reserve and orchard area. This has been planted with beautiful exotic flowers and heliconias.

We have segregated a small lot near the entrance gate and placed ownership in the same company that owns the Common Area. This is for a ‘property manager/guard’ house at the gate down the line, if the community agrees to build one. Such a person would ensure security for the community and could also provide maintenance work, gardening etc.

This would also mean that as a resident one will be free to come and go, leave the house or rent it out for any length of time, without security worries. This is an extremely important factor in Costa Rica.

The development so far:
here you're looking at houses on lots 8,7 and 5

house on lot 3