Sangha Leela Optimal Wellness Centre.

For the remaining 4 lots of our residential community we would very much like to continue to attract people whose primary concern is a deep longing to ‘come home spiritually’ or to find out who they really are in their essence. As a common ground on a practical level we see meditation, yoga, healthy and conscious living, healthy vibrant aging, friendship, support, love for the land and caring for the fellow human beings as main pillars.

So far all our community members can be valuable contributors to the OPTIMAL WELLNESS CENTRE. They can participate in various ways according to their resources, interests and skills.

What is the vision for the OPTIMAL WELLNESS CENTRE?

Help others improve their quality of life in order to live a happy, joyful, healthy, full and fulfilling life.

The physical facility will encompass such elements as practice hall, wellness center with several treatment rooms, deli, small restaurant and dining area, swimming pool and accommodation.

We have dedicated the best view lots in the community to this vision. The lots #6 and #10 represent an area of 4 acres, already established with infrastructure (power, water, gardens, coffee plantation, ornamental trees). It has 360 degree spectacular breathtaking views. On top of the mountain there will be a beautiful not too large practice hall for some 25 people.

Below the hall we have reserved space for the treatment rooms. We see several bodywork modalities happening there: healing massage and shiatsu, cranio-sacral balancing, BodyTalk™, “Freedom from Pain’ technique (, nutritional and natural and alternative medicine counseling, Neurofeedback brain training (, a new modality we have been recently introduced to that offers unheard of success rates in all kinds of conditions such as addictions, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, lack of focus, memory problems, ADD/ADHD, sleep issues, stress, anger, PTSD, learning disorders, brain injury, dementia, sports performance and much more.

Announcing the introduction of the first phase of our Optimal Wellness Center! We’ve begun the process by establishing a neurofeedback brain training facility.

We are the first and only brain-training provider in all of Central and South America featuring the advanced NeurOptimal™ neurofeedback system!

We regard ourselves as being extremely blessed to have discovered this amazing work. It is cutting edge technology which will set the stage for emotional health, increased well-being, renewed sense of purpose and inner calm and freedom as we move through life.

for more, see Neurofeedback Costa Rica


• Meditation intensives
• Spiritual Vacations
• Body Cleansings
• Satsang
• Yoga retreats
• Qui Gong weekends
• Art weekends
• Silent retreats
• Music weeks
• Kirtan and chanting retreats
• Body-work intensives and trainings
• Orientation in healthy living and ageing
• Tranquility and peaceful, sacred space
• Communion with Nature ( more than 11 acres of splendid gardens, tropical parks, rain forest, creeks, water falls, nature paths etc)
• Treatments for Optimal Wellbeing (see above)


• 12 or more adequate and beautiful accommodations, not too luxurious
• Yoga/meditation/practice hall to hold about 25 people
• Restaurant, kitchen facilities
• Pool, hot tub
• Giftshop, Deli
• Wellness center
• Many paths through the property, rainforest, gardens, along creeks, meditation gazibos etc. (4 acres of the immediate facility plus additional 7,3 acres of the communal property)
• Security through guard house at lower entrance and guard at upper
• Thousands of fruit and flowering trees
• Permaculture
• Spectacular landscaping, beautiful tropical gardens

PROGRAMME (ongoing)

• yoga classes
• meditation classes
• eco-tours
• treatments in above mentioned modalities

We hope to see all our residents become part investors in the facility.

Enquiries from potential investors welcome!

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