Financial Advantages of Investing in Sangha Leela

Are you concerned by the worsening financial stormclouds? By the looming threat of inflation? By the rise of the US national debt and what they are going to do about it?

It is now inevitable that the government will tax to the utmost, legislate and regulate for currency controls and IRA funds access, while the Federal Reserve will print money in floods.

They’ve always done this. The evidence is the irrefutable fact that the US dollar has lost 95% of its value since the Federal Reserve starting printing it in 1913.

When you see the cash you hold lose its value as the Fed prints away, you’ll realize holding cash was not the safe harbour you thought it was. You’ll need to find hard assets which will hold their value as the dollar loses its. Land is one such investment.

But not just any land. You need to invest in a stable market: you need to buy in a country which does not have a highly developed mortgage market. Many countries in the third world do not; if you want to buy some property you pay cash. This is generally the case in Costa Rica, and it keeps the market more stable. (But it also makes for an interesting speculation because if Costa Rica does develop an active mortgage market it could cause prices to skyrocket.)

Our lots are priced at great discounts right now, which allows for fantastic appreciation over time. Investing your funds in our development now will give you the chance to move some of your cash assets out of the US and into real estate in a stable market outside of the US.

Currency controls are a certainty – you need to act soon, before they are put in place. It’s a way to legally keep your money out of the US and out of the reach of foreign exchange controls and predatory taxation. Once the cash is in real estate the government can’t make you repatriate it.

Other looming government threats to accumulated wealth appear to focus on the huge amount of capital held in private retirement plans and IRA accounts. These are tempting targets for the government to fund future revenue needs. In fact, bills have just been introduced in both the House and Senate to create what has been called the new Auto IRA account. At first, this will be voluntary but later will certainly move to mandatory.

A solution is to buy one of our lots using your IRA. This removes the threat of government intervention, placing your cash outside the reach of interference from new legislation. One of our buyers has used this approach with great success already, so we have experience with it and can help you plan the purchase.

All our lots are held by registered companies here in Costa Rica. Buying property through a registered company in Costa Rica also gives you the right to open a bank account in the company’s name without residency requirements being an issue. We’ve already helped our buyers through this process and stand ready to help you too.

This gives you an officially approved landing spot for any future funds you might want to move out of the US. It also has the advantage that any move by the US government, other legal entity or court order to seize your assets will experience considerable delay, allowing you time to organize.

And some banks have safety deposit boxes available with accounts.

Buying property in a foreign country means you need to be sure that your investment is safe, especially if you are not living on it. If this investment is going to be your safe haven of financial security, you need to make sure your property taxes are paid, the property is maintained and that squatters don’t move onto it. When you buy in our development we take care of all that and more.

You see, this is a special place for us, and our approach is different. Most developers will just sell you a piece of property and then you’re on your own.

We live here and we want to make the place where we live a beautiful paradise for ourselves and our community members. We make sure that not only that maintenance happens all the time – that’s the minimum - but that improvements are made, and upgrades in quality continue to happen. So each year your investment increases in value just from our caretaking efforts alone.

But once the lots are sold and we start on the planned commercial facility, the value of your investment will rapidly multiply.

Sangha Leela is our sanctuary and it could be yours too.
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