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Neurofeedback Costa Rica

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Stillpoint: Original Stories about Costa Rica; Life, Culture and Folklore Stillpoint Fiction

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Sat Yoga Institute Costa Rica.

Wisdom Teachings, Meditation Retreats, Clinical Spiritual Training, Sacred Community Gatherings in Costa Rica, Transformational Studies, Monthly Satsangs

If you are looking for a refuge from the chaos and negativity, both internal and external; if you are seeking a place of peace and hope, of spiritual fellowship and love; if you wish to study in a wisdom school that integrates the highest Eastern and Western traditions; then you may have just discovered your spiritual home... Sat Yoga Insitiute

AmaTierra has been rated as one of the best yoga retreats in Costa Rica. Relax and learn in our new open air yoga center, and nurture yourself with delicious organic foods, a professional massage and energy balancing therapies:

Costa Rica Yoga – Spa, Retreat, Wellness Center

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Charles MacInerney's Austin Yoga site; retreats in Costa Rica and the world: www.yogateacher.com