Neurofeedback Costa Rica FAQ

How is NeurOptimal™ different?

Traditional neurofeedback is about leading the brain in a certain direction using protocols. Protocols are designed to raise or lower certain frequencies in certain parts of the brain, according to what the trainer, or the software, feels is best for the client. This is a very linear approach.

But the brain is a non-linear dynamic system of enormous complexity. Consider the fact that there are more possible connections in a human brain than there are atoms in the universe. In a system of such incredible complexity readjustments are best left to the brain itself to sort out, a task at which it is extremely proficient.

This is where the more advanced NeurOptimal™ system is different to traditional neurofeedback. NeurOptimal™ allows the brain to reorganize and self-regulate itself without a predetermined pushing in a particular direction.

This is a truly holistic approach, more natural and certainly less invasive, and results in better and faster training with fewer side effects.

How many sessions are usual?

This is very difficult to say. There is no predefined amount of sessions to produce a particular result as we are not treating any specific problem as such, and it does depend on how your brain responds to the trainings.

As a general comment, a minimum of 5 sessions is a good basic starting point, after which you can evaluate whether or not you want to continue. Better is a series of 10 sessions, followed by an evaluation how helpful you believe the sessions have been in achieving your personal goals.

One way to judge this is by looking at the changes that have occurred in your day-to-day life, and from feedback from close friends, who can often see changes not perceptible to us.

An excellent guide to the number of sessions taken by clients in the past can be found in this survey.

Do the effects last?

The new neural networks formed as a result of training over many sessions tend to be permanent unless certain outside factors come into play, so it’s useful to know what they are.

Some of these factors have to do with lifestyle, and some are just in your life.

• Alcohol will negatively affect neurons, so it is recommended that you stop alcohol consumption during training.

• Poor diet is a factor. While training and thereafter it is helpful to make sure your protein intake is good, get plenty of Omega 3 oils in the form of DHA and EPA, which help form the myelin sheath of nerve cells, and form at synaptic junctions where neurotransmission takes place. And avoid trans fats - which otherwise may end up in the cell membranes causing faulty cell signaling.

• Constant use of cell phones during training and afterwards. The latest research strongly suggests reducing the use of cell phones held directly to the head (ie. the ear).

• Some types of medications will negatively affect progress.

• Continued high level stress, pain, or trauma. In the case of trauma (see article) reactivation of trauma cues, such as continued abuse during training will sabotage the efforts.

Are there any side effects?

With NeurOptimal™ there are virtually no side effects. Some clients may feel a slight headache or a little sleepy afterwards. For some there may be a sensitization to some of the symptoms they were experiencing before, while others have reported feeling emotions intensely for a short while.

Generally, these effects will fade after the first few sessions.

In actual fact, the neuroptimal approach does not treat anything, so there is really no mechanism by which the system could be the cause of problems.

It is very possible that various prescription medications may need to be adjusted after a series of brain training sessions. If this is the case please consult your doctor.

Where are we?

We are located about 9km. from the town of Santiago de Puriscal on the main road to Parrita. Here is a printable map showing the way from Santa Ana and Escazu to our location.

Please call ahead to make sure we are available.

If you are in Costa Rica call 506-2416-4589 to see whether neurofeedback is a good option for you.

Or, you can Contact Us by email for more information.

Remember, we offer the ONLY brain training facility in Central America. So should you need to travel to undertake training there is a nearby B&B with very reasonable rates within walking distance.

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