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Announcing the opening of the first and only brain-training provider in all of Central and South America featuring the advanced NeurOptimal™ neurofeedback system!

What is it?

This cutting-edge technology trains your brain to optimize its own brainwave patterns and thus optimize physical and emotional health for the whole mind and body.

It does this by mirroring the brain’s activity back to itself on a moment-by-moment basis. When the brain sees an area of inefficient neural functioning, it immediately goes about the process of rectifying it. In this process of neural reorganization a client may find that suddenly various physical and emotional problems have simply disappeared!

How does it work?

Survival is paramount for the brain. Consequently the brain is constantly scanning its environment, on constant alert for change and searching for patterns. It tries to find out why something is happening, whether it fits a pattern and what it can reasonably expect to happen next.

Furthermore it can learn from changes in patterns and readjust it’s functioning according to this learning. And it can do all this without your conscious participation!

Consequently, when feedback during the training session alerts it to turbulence and chaotic movement in its circuitry its self-regulative abilities are instantly triggered.

The correction is an adjustment to a more stable and energetically efficient state than it was in before. This often has the effect of reducing or even eliminating symptoms of dysregulation and illness.

What happens in a neurofeedback session?

The client sits in a comfortable chair with five electrodes connected to head and ears. The electrodes are monitoring the electrical impulses of the brain over all it’s frequency bands; delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma.

The client listens to music through earbuds, while watching colorful moving images on a monitor. The music gets interrupted from time to time with a tiny scratch-like sound, almost like a CD skipping. This is the feedback that is signaling to your brain that there is turbulence in the smooth functioning of its neural networks.

And that’s it!

Who can benefit?

You don’t have to have ‘problems’ to benefit from braintraining. Absolutely everyone will benefit from the increased calm and inner peace which results from these sessions. Increased awareness, understanding, compassion and a newfound joy in life are all in themselves worthy goals, and the natural result of minimizing chaotic brainwave activity.

This is a technology that allows the formation of new neural pathways in the brain and this can be life-changing in a subtle and profound manner. Results such as relaxation, focus and the resiliency to cope with the stress of daily life makes braintraining an amazing, fast and effective tool for personal growth.

What else can it do for you?

Anyone displaying symptoms of imbalances in Central Nervous System function can benefit from neurofeedback brain training.

Typical manifestations of such imbalances can include:

Anger, irritability
Brain fog, lack of focus
Chronic Pain
Learning Disorders
Panic attacks
Stress, stress related issues
Sleep problems
Trauma (see article on Dr. Robert Scaer’s trauma work here )

As well, Brain training can IMPROVE:
Ability to Cope
Cognitive Function
Emotional control
Healthy aging
Performance enhancement
Peak performance
Quiet mind, inner calm

It is important to recognize that brain training with NeurOptimal™ does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of any disease or condition. The system simply provides feedback to the brain and the brain and CNS simply reorganizes itself as a consequence of this information.

However, an enormous variety of symptoms may simply fade away as a result of this reorganization. Many clients report experiencing a natural relief of symptoms after brain training.

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