Property Progress, December 2008

yoga community entrance

The Walking Trail, which runs through the entire Common Area, is now a complete loop starting at the orchard and winding around the hills to the end of lot 10. From here it descends into the forest, following the creek to the western end of the property. It then reconnects by winding back uphill to the meet the path at the orchard area.

This part is still a rough cut and will need some shoring up with bamboo in the approaching wet season. With time the bamboo will root itself to the ground and provide firm footing. In fact, shoots have already formed from the bamboo in place!

Our workers have completed the clearing of the final sections (brown patches in the photo) of the ultra aggressive Bracharia grass, ready for planting the softer Genjibrillo. This type of grass gives a pleasant lawn-like appearance, is drought resistant and is vastly easier to maintain.The seeds will go into the ground when the consistent rains come in June.

Due to erosion at the entry gate we had to cap the soil with a layer of cement. Our two guys are agricultural workers, not construction workers, but successfully and quite happily managed the project.

Gallinaza (chicken manure) is a slow acting organic fertilizer used once a year to supply all types of plants with extra nutrients. 50 large sacks of gallinaza have been distributed amongst all the plants and trees on the finca.

Our coffee plants, responding well to last year’s fertilizing, have flowered an astounding four times so far this year, so we can expect a bumper harvest starting probably October.

In view of the need for a little carbohydrate (besides all that fruit), we’ve planted 26 platanos plants. These are plaintains, or cooking bananas…if you remember the patacones I always order at the local outdoor restaurant that we frequent, well, that’s one variation on the theme of plaintains. They go great with a Pilsen!

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