Sangha Leela, December 2009

In 2009 we undertook a number of property upgrades, one of which was to improve the appearance and functionality of the gutters and drainage system along the access road. The secret of living comfortably in Costa Rica is to control the water!

A couple of our mango trees fruited in 2008, and this year another has joined in. As well, we have a new addition in the form of starfruit, or carambola, and our first sweet lemon has also appeared.

So far we have production of coffee, bananas, plaintain, papaya, mangos, limon dulse, carambola and sugar cane. In the coming year we'll plant another thousand coffee plants, which should finally be more than enough for community needs.

All 5 kinds of bamboo we planted in the first year have established themselves, particularly the huge Chinese Guadua construction bamboo.

More planting of tropical flowering trees and coffee followed throughout the wet season, and by now the earlier planted trees are beginning to poke their crowns up in the sky. As this happens we have begun a removal process of the older scrub trees. This will eventually give the whole property a new ambience

Home Sites and Building

The really big news on this front is of course the completion of Erik and Teri’s stunning Villa perched high on the hill of lot 6.

From this....

Through all this....

To This!

Provided with the conceptual architectural outline by community member Joe, the plans rapidly morphed into reality, the house being substantially completed at 6 months from start. This is an unusually fast completion time for a house of this size and design complexity.

The design follows with the natural contours of the hill on which it is built, flowing around it and moving up one level to create a private living area for the master bedroom.

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